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More Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm

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Earworm Records are a small but perfectly formed London-based record label who specialise in electronica and lo-fi pop. That many of the artists on their compilations have signed up with bigger labels (Gnac, Fridge, Magnétophone) is testament to the strength of their roster. Beginning not over-impressively with the electro-drone rock of Echoboy and Left Hand things get more exciting as the album runs its course. Much better are the diversions into the skewed melodies of Apples In Stereo, The Minders, The Gerbils and Southall Riot who are just as influenced by 60s psychedelia as they are electronica. The Green Pajamas bizarrely appear to be a throwback to the Travelling Wilburys with their homage to the recently deceased singer on 'Missing Miss. MacColl'. There's dreamy laments in the form of Screen Prints and Love Machine, experimentalism from Kimonophobic and The Slowes, not to mention some warped updating of country music played by Cul De Sac and Lenola. A pick of the bunch is hard to choose but Epic 45 live up to their name with the breezy, invigorating electronica of 'The Motorway Journey Of Hope'. It's quite frightening to think what these artists could achieve with a bigger budget.
Album Reviews
  CD1 Track Listing
01 Echoboy - Scene 30
02 Left Hand - Piero Manzoni
03 The Apples In Stereo - Behind The Waterfall
04 The Minders - Right As Rain
05 Ma Cherie For Painting - Salut Salut
06 Green Pajamas - Missing Miss. Maccoll
07 Gnac - The Moustache
08 Screen Prints - Her Name I Don't Remember
09 Love Machine - GE Lightbulb
10 Lenola - Slipping Under The Shadows

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
Standout Track Epic 45 - The Motorway Journey Of Hope
02 Cul De Sac - The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith California
03 The Gerbils - Big White Limo
04 Southall Riot - A Warp In My Dreams
05 Force - The Sofa
06 Kimonophobic - Super Highway
07 The Slowes - Searching For Larry Playfair
08 Portal - 'Hydro-Electric' Version II
09 Opia - Abstack
10 Sunray - Fire Inside

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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