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The Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm

Album Reviews
This limited edition 2 CD set (only 1,000 copies so if you want one, E-mail, cost is £8 or $15) is one of the more interesting Various Artists' albums around at the moment and offers obscure gems a-plenty. Highlights include Avrocar's 'Screen', a haunting track featuring gently whispered vocals and an intense drum machine pattern creating a feeling of apprehension for the listener that something horrible is going to happen. Other great moments are the delightful, moving near-classical piece 'A Return To Satisfy (Opium Tears Mix)' by The Vertical Smile) whereas Magnétophone, Fridge and Gnac push the required enigmatic buttons with their instrumentals. Elsewhere Southall Riot's 'How Flies Survive The Rain' and The Minders' 'We've Seen It All' are the closest we get to conventional pop music but the low-budget production makes them sound so much more charming and original. In a world where the music charts are dominated by unoriginal sounds and a general lack of identity, Earworm's roster is impressively different. The second CD is testament to this because it contains tracks which were not even released on 7" originally and get their first hearing here, yet quality control is still maintained. Monsieur Earworm, you spoil us!
Album Reviews
  CD1 Track Listing
01 Novak - Silver Seas
02 Ma Cherie For Painting - Naeu
03 Tank - The Volcano Show
Standout Track Avrocar - Screen
05 Magnétophone - You Should Write Music
06 Gnac - Armchair Thriller
07 Jon And Dave - Land Beyond The Sun
08 Land Shipping - Glitter
09 Maps Of Jupiter - Wait
10 Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Tree Pie
11 Electric Sound Of Joy - Play Away
12 Fridge - Deadly Cube
13 Avrocar - Tetra

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
01 Southall Riot - How Flies Survive The Rain
02 Southall Riot - Fireworks For The Earworm
03 Gwens - Finger Lakes
04 Matthew Ward - Bluebottle Reds
05 Screen Prints - Evening Feel
06 The Vertical Smile) - A Return To Satisfy (Opium Tears Mix)
07 Kimonophobic - Bigger Than Yr Robot
08 Magnetic North Pole - Clouds Of Red And Grey
09 The Wee Turtles - Collide
10 The Minders - We've Seen It All
11 I S A N - Schema
12 Earthworm - Diedra's Surprise
13 Echoboy - Smiler

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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