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Twice As Nice: Be Music | Dojo | Mark Hamins | Arthur Baker Productions

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'Twice As Nice' follows up the previous year's 'Cool As Ice' compilation, a successful rounding-up of the various remix projects New Order cultivated under the banner of Be Music. This time Donald Johnson (as Dojo), Arthur Baker and others are involved too. It begins with the uptempo funk/dance of 'Express' by 52nd Street, a Manchester act but the sound is pure New York. Mark Kamins plied his trade producing some of Madonna's early singles and that's certainly evident in the sassy, street-wise pop of Cheyne's 'Call Me Mr Telephone'. Try looking beyond the disco pop and there are more deeply satisfying gems on offer. The tight, hypnotic funk of 52nd Street's 'Look Into My Eyes' was produced by Dojo whose work with A Certain Ratio is a definite influence. 'Keep On Dancing' is further evidence of Marcel King's huge - and sadly unfulfilled - potential. Kamins adds a tribal feel to Quando Quango's 'Genius (part 2)' and a muscular interpretation of Section 25's 'Sakura' wins out over an prototype of future New Order classic '586'. Making this an essential addition to those who enjoyed 'Cool As Ice'.
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  Track Listing
01 52nd Street - Express
02 Cheyne - Call Me Mr Telephone
03 Quando Quango - Low Rider (Remix)
04 Anna Domino - Summer (Arthur Baker Remix)
Standout Track 52nd Street - Look Into My Eyes
06 Quando Quango - Genius (Part 2)
07 Marcel King - Keep On Dancing
08 Shark Vegas - You Hurt Me
09 New Order - Video 586 (Edit)
10 Section 25 - Sakura
11 Thick Pigeon - Jess + Bart (Remix)
12 RFATP - Motherland
13 52nd Street - Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix)

Standout Track = Standout Track

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Album Reviews
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Various Artists - Cool As Ice: The Be Music Productions
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