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Cool As Ice: The Be Music Productions

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It seems the members of New Order were never out of the studio during the early to mid '80s what with their own albums and singles to work on plus their integral involvement in producing so many other Factory bands. 'Be Music' was a guise used to produce electro and dance records for others and here is the first selections of their fruits of labour. Although it is hard to pinpoint particular New Order tracks as comparisons their familiar seal of quality is apparent all over this work. 52nd Street's 'Can't Afford To Let You Go' and the bright, sparkling 'Tell Me' by Life are more akin to Colourbox but the late Marcel King's 'Reach For Love' could have quite easily been a follow-up to the number one he scored as 'Sweet Sensation' ten years previously. There is a typical New Order-style coda on Paul Haig's 'The Only Truth'; one of those elongated and addictive instrumentals that they became the masters of. Worthy mentions too for Nyam Nyam whose sole single for Factory is a miserable gem on a par with the best of The Royal Family And The Poor. Naturally the cutting edge of some of these singles has been blunted since 1984 but importantly the songs themselves still hold a lot of relevance.
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  Track Listing
01 52nd Street - Can't Afford To Let You Go
02 Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop
03 Marcel King - Reach For Love
04 Quando Quango - Love Tempo
05 52nd Street - Cool As Ice
06 Paul Haig - The Only Truth
07 Quando Quango - Atom Rock
08 Thick Pigeon - Babcock + Wilcox
09 Nyam Nyam - Fate/Hate
Standout Track Life - Tell Me
11 Section 25 - Beating Heart
12 Be Music - Theme

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Various Artists - Twice As Nice: Be Music | Dojo | Mark Hamins | Arthur Baker Productions
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