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The Nightingales Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
Pissed & Potless - The Definitive Nightingales Collection

Album Reviews
Former John Peel Session favourites The Nightingales are remembered in this 19-track compilation. Led by the acid-tongued Robert Lloyd they specialised in intense lyrically incisive post-punk anthems that were as much an influence to early Half Man Half Biscuit as they were indebted to Josef K. 70 minutes worth of largely similar material is a bit of a slog but there are gems from each stage of the band's career. 'Paraffin Brain' employs a toytown style guitar for its demented singalong chorus but 'Urban Ospreys' is possibly their defining moment; an intense anthem to the dregs of society. By the end of their career in the mid-80s they were past their peak; still capable of witty one-liners but musically covering pre-trodden ground, with 'Comfort And Joy' serving as a rare highlight thanks to Lloyd's fully committed breathless vocals. Despite some frankly unreadable sleeve notes 'Pissed And Potless' is a worthy document to a forgotten English treasure.
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  Track Listing
01 Idiot Strength
02 Use Your Loaf
03 Paraffin Brain
04 Elvis The Last Ten Days
05 Which Hi-Fi
06 Give 'Em Time
07 Joking Apart
Standout Track Urban Ospreys
09 Cakehole
10 Crafty Fag
11 How To Age
12 The Bending End
13 Insurance
14 The Crunch
15 It's A Cracker
16 What A Carry On
17 Comfort And Joy
18 Down In The Dumps
19 Coincidence

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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