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Josef K Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Young And Stupid

Album Reviews
Despite only ever releasing one album it's a testament to Josef K's importance that they have had four CDs compiled of their work in the same number of years. 'Young And Stupid' collects together their singles plus B-sides as well as live recordings, demos and Peel Sessions. Admittedly nearly all of these tracks have appeared on previous recordings but the singles in particular overshadow the inferior production on the original album sounding much more crisp and precise. At their best, as on 'Radio Drill Time', 'Sorry For Laughing', 'Endless Soul' and 'Chance Meeting' it's hard to imagine how the guitar duo of Paul Haig and Malcolm Ross managed to play quite so accurately and frenetically without ruining their fingers permanently. More than just a one-card trick Josef K were equally adept at slower, moving records as the ever-enduring 'It's Kinda Funny' shows. Of the lesser-known work 'Torn Mentor' is the nearest the group get to aping Joy Division's 'Closer' album but 'Applebush', sung by Malcolm Ross's wife, is an extra which most can do without; it's more Dislocation Dance than the angular funk-inspired work which were their forte. Of the collections so far this perhaps edges it for containing superior single versions and very decent B-sides.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Romance
02 Chance Meeting
03 Radio Drill Time
04 Crazy To Exist (Live)
Standout Track It's Kinda Funny
06 Final Request
07 Sorry For Laughing
08 Revelation
09 Chance Meeting
10 Pictures (Of Cindy)
11 The Angle (One Angle)
12 The Angle (Second Angle)
13 The Missionary
14 Heart Of Song
15 Applebush
16 Heaven Sent
17 Endless Soul
18 Radio Drill Time (Demo)
19 Torn Mentor
20 Night Ritual
21 Adoration (Live 16.8.01)

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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