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Josef K Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
The Only Fun In Town

Album Reviews
Josef K emerged from the Scotland post-punk scene as one of the leading lights but yet sunk almost without trace only a couple of years later. This collection comprises their initial attempt at releasing an album which was subsequently scrapped by the band themselves and the reworking of it which was eventually re-released. As you can imagine then, there is a certain amount of overlap on this 25-track compilation. In truth it's difficult to say which version of the album is better; the first attempt contained what is probably their best song, the atypically slower 'It's Kinda Funny' (which demonstrates that though Josek K could play their guitars unspeakably fast whilst retaining melody they could make languid songs of aching beauty) plus gems such as 'Forever Drone' and 'Heart Of Song' whilst the second contains classics like 'Endless Soul' and 'Variation Of Scene'. Another point worth making is that the Josef K compilation from 1998, 'Endless Soul' contains most of the best songs on offer here and with considerably clearer production which these version seem to suffer from in comparison. However, despite this, it is a credit to Josef K's unique style that even though some chord changes are submerged in the mix the signs of intricate inventiveness still shine through.
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  Track Listing
01 Fun 'N' Frenzy
02 Revelation
03 Crazy To Exist
Standout Track It's Kinda Funny
05 The Angle
06 Forever Drone
07 Heart Of Song
08 16 Years
09 Citizens
10 Sorry For Laughing
11 Fun 'N' Frenzy
12 Heads Watch
13 Drone
14 Sense Of Guilt
15 Art Of Things
16 Crazy To Exist
17 Citizens
18 Variation Of Scene
19 Terry's Show Lies
20 No Glory
21 Endless Soul
22 Sorry For Laughing
23 Romance (Absolute 45 Version)
24 Radio Drill Time
25 Pictures Of Cindy

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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