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The Blue Orchids Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
From Severe To Serene (Peel Sessions Plus)

Album Reviews
Rounding off another thorough reissue project, The Blue Orchids' final release (although new material is apparently afoot) is a round-up of seven Peel Sessions from 1980 and 1982, seven live recordings and a sought after EP. Manna from heaven for fans of the band but there's enough to enjoy here for the unitiated. The 1982 sessions serve as a timely reminder of how much more confident the group had become in the studio; they are fully focused and raring to go on excellent versions of 'No Looking Back' and 'Bad Education' matching the Fall for bile and commitment whereas the earlier Sessions tracks seem a little amateurish in retrospect. The same could be said for the live tracks where Bramah's seeming disinterest in between-song banter is matched by a workmanlike and lacklustre performance. In total contrast, the 'Riding The Times' EP recorded as Thirst and featuring ex-Fall drummer Karl Burns is rather brilliant. Bramah's often deadpan voice seems positively resurgent and on the punkish thrills of 'Let Go' and 'Riding The Times' the band sound as tight and driven as prime-period That Petrol Emotion, although every one of the four tracks is a joy in all honesty. So whilst the day job was perfectly acceptable the extra-curricular activities prove to be the real find of this release.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Work
02 The House That Faded Out
03 Low Profile
04 No Looking Back
05 Bad Education
06 A Year With No Head
07 Sun Connection
Standout Track The Unknown
09 Crystal Kiss
10 Let Go
11 Riding The Times
12 Tighten My Belt
13 The Flood
14 Sun Connection
15 Hanging Man
16 Disney Boys
17 Work
18 Underground Breakfast

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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