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Blue Orchids Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
The Sleeper

Album Reviews
On the third incarnation of the band, the Blue Orchids' frontman Martin Bramah gathered together new members to produce the - before now - unreleased album, 'The Sleeper'. Now finally released ten years after its original production, in some ways it's easy to see why it wasn't taken on by record companies. Using the opening gambit of 'Weird World' as a prime example, its use of Teardrop Explodes' style psych guitar touches and general post punk sound was perhaps a little out of time in the midst of 1992 and the over-reliance of backing singers on their more open-sounding tracks does them few favours. Yet, despite that, 'Lover Of Nothing' and the thrilling 'Diamond Age' reveal a hitherto well-hidden lighter side. The jittery funk of 'NY Gargoyles' is another highlight; in fact in LTM's customary generosity of bonus tracks it is remixed twice, once even in jazz-funk style though the most effective extra is the tense balladry of 'Out Of Sight'. Bramah will probably be chiefly remembered for being a key member of The Fall during their most creative periods but his own band offered a pleasing, less caustic version of events.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Weird World
02 Dream Boat
03 Lover Of Nothing
04 Blue Grey Boy
Standout Track Diamond Age
06 Butterfly Effect
07 NY Gargoyles
08 The Gun Is A Coward's Weapon
09 Dark Matter Kid
10 Love Fiend
11 Out Of Sight
12 NY Gargoyles - Secret City Mix
13 NY Gargoyles - Subway Mix
14 Moth
15 Sleepy Town
16 Thirst
17 Diamond Age - 12" Version
18 Sleepy Town 12" Version

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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