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I Can Count Vol 2

Album Reviews
Last year saw the release of the first I Can Count compilation, a largely excellent and inventive collection featuring electronica artists. Unusually for a crop of unknown acts, the end product was predominantly vocal and song-based rather than the de rigeur instrumental fare. Volume 2 in the series takes the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" approach with another set of undiscovered talent.

Once again, variety is to the fore. Mr. Beasley's 'Dyno' uses soulful vocals whilst Miss Odd Kidd comes across as a more likeable Lady Sovereign. Beauty School Dropout is another artist who could do well commercially but her 'Saturday Night' sounds a bit trite amongst intelligent material whereas EWR don't offer much more than squiggly synths. Thankfully, these less edifying tracks are the exception rather than the rule. Standouts Humanboy really excel with their combination of heartbreaking folky vocals over Notwist-style breakbeats and melody, Spaceships Are Cool impress with 'Strawberry Kickers' (a track which recalls the psychedelic pop of Simian) and the subtle, aching finale from Tell Me How is a great way to end. If anything, Volume 2 is a little more pop-orientated than its predecessor but in most cases that's not a bad thing.

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  Track Listing
01 The Lost Levels - Take It All
02 Mr Beasley - Dyno
03 Miss Odd Kidd - Don't Be Afraid To Sweat
04 303DIDTHISTOME - Apostrophe Apostrophe
05 Beauty Skool Dropout - Saturday Night
06 Sportsday Megaphone - Less And Less
07 Coney Island Sound - Bring My Love's Unwanted Arrow
08 Ear PWR - Turn Out The Lights
Standout Track Humanboy - Life In Colour
10 Revox - Eighties
11 Spaceships Are Cool - Strawberry Kickers
12 Tell Me How - Solar Plexus

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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