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Eklectra is a compilation almost wholly recorded by artists from Ireland. A further commonality between the musicians involved is warm and melodic electronica. It's mission accomplished too with better results than one could reasonably expect from a relatively small community. At the beginning a great feeling of serenity is apparent with Jimmy Behan, Halfset and Townparks Foundry all providing music that Minotaur Shock fans will appreciate. Ebauche and Schtat offer a soundtrack for space travel; the former resembling a thunderous take off, the second simulates floating in a far away galaxy. A sequence of 3am atmospheric vibes is then rudely interrupted by Colourfast's Funkstorung-inspired deviations and the briliant cinematic hip-hop of Formica v MJX's 'Bloodrush' is the most dramatic moment here and then calmness is restored once more by Somadrone's sonambulant drum and bass. Overall, a fine testament to the talents of the Emerald Isle.
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  Track Listing
01 Jimmy Behan - A Normal Situation
02 Townparks Foundry - Theme For Townparks Foundry
03 Illegal Kids - It's For You
Standout Track Halfset - Noodles Now
05 Stereo Nimrod - Nodoing Nodoer
06 Ebauche - PBLX
07 Schtat - My Country Blues
08 Leonids - Rose Location
09 Chequerboard - Konichiwa
10 Merlot - Reclaim Palestine
11 Thalamus - alPHabet
12 Herv - Box Enthusiast
13 Psy - wMw
14 Colorfast - Rooted Suited
15 Formica v MJX - Bloodrush (Formica Remix 1)
16 Roytron - Sports Department Revision
17 Murmansk - Sky-wide And Crooked
18 Somadrone - Variable Reluctance
19/20 Felix Rez - Hoovering Up The Popcorn
19 Eddie Rocket - Guitar Symphony
20 Bill Nelson - The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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