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The Wake Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews

Album Reviews
The Wake's signing to Sarah Records seemed very apt considering their move towards jangly guitar pop; leaving behind their glacial melancholic sound of yore. 'Holyheads' assembles their two albums recorded for Sarah. The first, 1991's 'Make It Loud' didn't exactly describe their new sound but the guitar had certainly replaced keyboards as the dominant instrument. At its worst - as on the limp 'Firestone Tyres' - it was comparable to the C86 movement. Thankfully 'English Rain' and 'Joke Shop' possessed a little more muscle which have stood the test of time fairly well and labelmates The Field Mice would have been proud to release material in the vein of 'Henry's Work'. Three years later they would release 'Tidal Wave Of Hype' which begins as halfway house between Inspiral Carpets' psychedelic world and the shoegazing style of Chapterhouse. A more familiar sound is perfected with jangly pop gems such as 'Obnoxious Kevin', 'I Told You So' and 'Britain'; hugely tuneful and witty, their change in sound was now beginning to make sense. Thereafter a final four weak tracks diminish the quality of an otherwise fine farewell effort. However, even though The Wake's earlier material seems more vital now, these two albums possess an innocence and tunefulness that is highly likeable.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 English Rain
02 Glider
03 Firestone Tyres
04 American Grotto
05 Joke Shop
06 Holy Head
07 Henry's Work
08 Cheer Up Ferdinand
09 Shallow End
Standout Track Obnoxious Kevin
11 Crasher
12 Selfish
13 Provincial Disco
14 I Told You So
15 Britain
16 Back Of Beyond
17 Solo Project
18 Down On Your Knees
19 Big Noise, Big Deal

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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