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The Wake Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
Live At The Hacienda 07.1983 + 01.1984 DVD

Album Reviews
It's hard to think of too many people who would invest in a DVD by The Wake as a mere casual purchase. The truth is, it's a well preserved document of the band's live performances from the mid-80's that will provoke mild indifference from most people but will delight those who probably thought they would never get a chance to see The Wake in their melancholic prime. Shot at close quarters from just off-stage, both the sound and the visuals belie - a few acknowledged technical glitches aside - their humble video tape origins. Unsurprisingly The Wake were not the most charismatic of performers, singer/guitarist Caesar is the only one who stares up from his instrument and even then it's to fix his gaze on the back wall of The Hacienda, perhaps in keeping with the image of the Factory bands of the time. Caesar also turns his back on the audience to operate the tape machine but visually that's about it. Caroline provides much of the melodic input via her moving keyboard flourishes but on both versions of 'Here Comes Everybody' her backing vocals are heroically out of tune. That apart, faithful versions are delivered of many of the band's best-known tracks from the New Order-esque 'The Drill' to noticeably lighter later material such as 'Torn Calendar' and 'Talk About The Past'. Finally, there's a promo clip of the latter track with the band even making eye contact with the camera, although they are clearly a band who cared more about the music rather than the performance of it.
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  Track Listing
Standout Track Uniform
02 The Drill
03 Heartburn
04 Host
05 Here Comes Everybody
06 Recovery
07 Something Outside
08 Talk About The Past
09 Everybody Works So Hard
10 Torn Calendar
11 Rise And Shine
12 Send Them Away
13 Make You Understand
14 Here Comes Everybody
15 Something Outside
16 Talk About The Past (Promo Clip)

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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