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The Field Mice Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?

Album Reviews
In these modern times when Belle and Sebastian are deemed to be heroes of the music scene, a compilation of the greatest moments by the Field Mice seems to be a good marketing strategy as at times they sound more fey than the popular Scots at the moment. This lovingly -packaged 2 CD set (the CDs themselves held in pastel-coloured cardboard sleeves, detailed inlay booklet) contains a generous 36 tracks. Some of the fey moments are lovely ('The Last Letter' and 'Indian Ocean' being fine examples) but in the latter part of their career they dabbled more in electronic forms producing excellent work, in particular the menacing 'It Isn't Forever'. A lot of the music on show here is a little too pleasant at times and it's defintely recommended that you don't listen to both CDs back-to-back.
Album Reviews
  CD1 Track Listing
01 Five Moments
02 If You Need Someone
03 Sensitive
04 Couldn't Feel Safer
05 Below The Stars
06 Coach Station Reunion
07 Everything About You
Standout Track It Isn't Forever
09 Between Hello And Goodbye
10 And Before The First Kiss
11 Tilting At Windmills
12 Missing The Moon
13 Let's Kiss And Make Up
14 Triangle
15 Canada
16 Anyone Else Isn't You
17 September's Not So Far Away

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
01 Emma's House
02 Landmark
03 Willow
04 Holland Street
05 Clearer
06 Quicksilver
07 Star Of David
08 When Morning Comes To Town
09 The Last Letter
10 Indian Ocean
11 This Love Is Not Wrong
12 Fabulous Friend
13 White
14 When You Sleep
15 An Earlier Autumn
16 End Of The Affair
17 This Is Not Here
18 A Wrong Turn And Raindrops
19 So Said Kay

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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