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Devine & Statton Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
The Prince Of Wales

Album Reviews
If ever there was an album that sounded out of place it would be Young Marble Giants' one and only album. Released in 1980 when post-punk, new wave, the New Romantic movement and disco soul were prominent, 'Colossal Youth' was pop at its most minimalist and offered the first glimpse of the pure, restrained voice of Alison Statton. Thereafter, Statton lent her considerable talents to a number of projects but whilst the instrumentation tended to be fuller-sounding, her own vocals remained the focal point. In 1989 Statton teamed up with ex-Ludus member Ian Devine; the first product of which became 'The Prince Of Wales'. The mood is relaxed and surprisingly upbeat kicking off with 'Under The Weather'; a typically understated number with Statton sweetly but coolly dissecting a brief and unfulfilling relationship. If at times the songs seem a little too "nice" and simplistic, the haunted 'Like A Blind Man' and 'Ugly Town' offer respite and more complicated song structures whilst 'I Wish I Was' represents jangle-pop heaven. Yet the unquestionable highlight is the cover of 'Bizarre Love Triangle' where Devine's uncomplicated backing and Statton's detached delivery add a natural sense of euphoria to the New Order favourite. 'Prince Of Wales' definitely represents the "pop" moments of Statton's career before she moved into more jazz/latin-inflected circles with "Spike".
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  Track Listing
01 Under The Weather
02 Friend Of The Family
Standout Track Bizarre Love Triangle
04 We Deserve It
05 Never Coming Back
06 I Wish I Was
07 You're Almost There
08 Like A Blind Man
09 Break Up Your Heart
10 Comprehensible
11 Turn The Aerials Away From England
12 Ugly Town
13 Under The Weather (Paco Trinidad Remix)
14 In The Rain (Version)
15 We Will Be With You And We Know You Are Together

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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