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The Dears Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
No Cities Left

Album Reviews
Following hot on the heels of The Stills' album, The Dears are another Canadian act who are paying their respects to British indie music of the last twenty years. It seems to be a popular formula at present and The Dears wear their influences more clearly than many of their compatriots. For instance, Murray Lightburn seems to have inherited the same vocal chords as Blur's Damon Albarn whilst the music itself - a brand of melancholic, anthemic rock - compares to most acts who would really like to have been in The Smiths. Derivate though it is, 'No Cities Left' is sometimes brilliant. The emotional surge of 'We Can Have It' is a great way to start any record, 'No Cities Left' is dangerous and dynamic-sounding with a chorus that rips through the night sky like a bolt of lightning and 'The Second Part' saunters between the doleful and the dramatic with some panache. Unfortunately it's just before the second half of the record where The Dears forget what made them good in the first place; The 'Expect The Worst/'Cos She's A Tourist' "suite" moves from a comfortably languid guitar to an ill-advised jazz odyssey. The songs seem to last for longer, the arrangements more ambitious and on the near-eight minutes of 'Postcard From Purgatory' there's a pompous non-tune which Tears For Fears could have written ten years ago. As with most records which last more than an hour, some serious pruning should have been applied to this particular epic before it was released in the public domain.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 We Can Have It
02 Who Are The Defenders Of The Universe
Standout Track Lost In The Plot
04 The Second Part
05 Don't Lose The Faith
06 Expect The Worst/'Cos She's A Tourist
07 Pinned Together, Falling Apart
08 Never Destroy Us
09 Warm And Sunny Days
10 22: The Death Of All The Romance
11 Postcard From Purgatory
12 No Cities Left

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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