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45 Seconds Of:

Album Reviews
A brave experiment by Simballrec in which 84 artists contribute 99 tracks, '45 Seconds Of:' is, as you'd expect for a single CD, the exact length of each contribution. Naturally there are advantages and disadvantages to such an assignment; for one there's disappointment as each excellent track is cut short just as it is about to build up into something great, then there's the sometimes rather tenuous connection between each track with only the loose term of electronic music being the common factor. Yet much credit is due to the selection committee and the artists involved because most of the arguments for '45 Seconds Of...' are persuasive. Most of the names may not be familiar with only the likes of old hands such as Silver Apples and Martin Rev approaching some level of fame. Dntel, Sybarite, Mall, Coelacanth, Jeremy Dower (one of the few to feature three times) and L'Usine add much needed warmth to proceedings with Hood as reliable as ever on that score. Very few bases are left untouched as Alter Ego & DJ Wicked get busy with scratching, Kraig Grady does peculiar things with bell chimes and Tujiko Noriko brings in inevitable Japanese quirkiness. Thankfully, there are certainly more periods of cohesiveness than disarming, disorientating volte-faces. Where it all works best of course is that the listener will be encouraged to seek out further work by the artists involved which they otherwise might never have had the chance to.
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  Track Listing
01 Ost
02 The Snodgrass
03 L'Usine
04 Dntel
05 Blue Baboon
06 Jeremy Dower
07 Electric Company
08 Lali Puna
09 Dj Spooky That Subliminal Kid
10 Moblin
11 Noriko Tujiko
12 Safety Scissors
13 Coelacanth
14 Rs-232
15 Gamers In Exile
16 Daryl Groetsch
17 Leafcutter John
18 Kim Cascone
19 Lump
20 Microstudio
21 Joseph Nothing
22 Civyiu Kkliu
23 Brendan Willard
24 Sybarite
25 Kotako & Spacehustler
26 Dada Munchamonkey
27 Mall
28 Jan Jelinek
29 Riou Tomita
30 Edmund Steinberger
31 Stars As Eyes
32 Minimum Brutal
33 Mainpal Inv.
34 Transistor Cricket
35 Jeremy Dower
36 Rockin' Pony
37 Derevo
38 Meredith Figurine + Iwne
39 Technicolor
40 Gasca
41 James Figurine
42 Ckid
43 Zoffi
44 Solvent
45 Sutekh Loves Miguel Galperin
46 Professor G. Langdon
47 Martin Rev
48 Dwayne Sodahberk
Standout Track Hood
50 Simeon/Silver Apples
51 Libynth
52 Eight Frozen Modules
53 Ost
54 Electric Birds
55 Phthalocyanine
56 Languis
57 Ultra Milkmaids
58 Noriko Tujiko
59 D84 (AKA Blevin Blectum)
60 Simeon/Silver Apples
61 Cos
62 Alter Echo & DJ Wicked
63 Ammoncontact
64 Mannequin Lung
65 Jeremy Dower
66 Kotako & Spacehustler
67 Soulo
68 Fer Chloca
69 Adrien75
70 Night For Us
71 Rothko
72 Derevo
73 Televazquez
74 Nowhereman
75 Unagi Patrol
76 Hood
77 Si-Cut.Db
78 Actual Jakshun
79 David Figurine
80 Memory Systems
81 John Tejada
82 Technicolor
83 Estupendo
84 Bit-Rot
85 L'Usine
86 Gustavo Lamas
87 Zoffi
88 Andrew Duke
89 Kraig Grady
90 Simeon/Silver Apples
91 Mia Doi Todd
92 Tarentel
93 Un Automne A Lob-Nor
94 Meanest Man Contest
95 Daniel Givens
96 Antimater Dub Ensamble
97 Daedelus
98 Pig Snarley
99 The Strangels

Standout Track = Standout Track

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Album Reviews
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