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A Collection Of Short Stories

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Songs with unfeasibly long titles usually mean a new pretentious talent is on the way. Either that or Meat Loaf has a new album out. Ben Fitton has decided to append a bracketed alternative title for each of his songs and on hearing his keening voice to the opening track, there's a sense of dread for what is to follow. Thankfully events take a turn for the better on a record which actually turns out to be an enjoyable listen after all. 'Iris' implants a nagging melody to rival The Notwist, the enchanting 'Isabella' is immersed in subtle beats and acoustic guitar whilst 'A Winter To Forget' completes a top quality trio. No surprise then, that these offerings have been recommended as the three singles. The remainder of the album continues the trend of Fitton's gentle voice, delicate acoustic patterns and warm electronica, with occasional moments ('An Idea Of My Best Self) rising above the niceness of the record, that is until the lively 'To Cut A Long Story Short' takes its bow and 'My Intentions Are Irrelevant'' brings proceedings to a lovely lullaby-esque conclusion. By cutting out the middle section, there's an excellent mini album within, which wouldn't sound out of place on the Morr Music label.
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  Track Listing
01 Little One (In The Snow)
02 Iris (The Best Part Of The Year)
Standout Track Isabella (A Place You Could Call Home)
04 This Quiet Life (A Northern Light)
05 A Penny For My Thoughts (A Ghost In The Playground)
06 I Can't Find Myself In You (The Autumn Of....)
07 An Idea Of My Best Self (You're Beautiful)
08 The Bruise Won't Disappear (Don't Get Me Wrong)
09 Cut A Long Story Short (Don't Attempt To Call)
10 My Intentions Are Irrelevant (You've Got An Enemy)
11 A Reason For Breathing (The Good Things)

Standout Track = Standout Track

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Album Reviews
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