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Modern English Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
After The Snow

Album Reviews
Colchester's Modern English made several albums in the 80's each one gaining more inroads into the American charts than the last. However, it is clear from their first album, Mesh & Lace that their brand of doomy, intense post-punk was far more interesting than subsequent, more commercial efforts. The inner sleeve shows the band dressed in white looking thoroughly miserable so it's no surprise that the music they made at this time was no different. This is a very interesting period piece though; singer Robie (not Robbie) Grey's voice gives new meaning to the word monotone but it's the instruments which help to build the atmosphere most of all; the chilling, radio commnetary on '16 Days' and the rapid drum fills on 'The Token Man'. On some tracks no words are spoken until a few minutes of menacing bass guitar and keyboard-driven 'melody' have set the tone. It's all a bit heavy going for 70-odd minutes (thanks to the generous Aand B sides offered on this re-issue) but it is very rarely dull.

Despite the afore-mentioned inroads into the rock mainstream, 'After The Snow' is an album which possesses several gems such as the title track. The breakthrough hit, 'Melt With You', sounds rather weak and dated now although it was used in a recent Burger King advert. The general sound of the album is less murky which is a good thing in terms of tunes but some of the mystery is lost on the weaker-sounding recordings.

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Someone's Calling
02 Life In The Gladhouse
03 Face Of Wood
04 Dawn Chorus
05 I Melt With You
Standout Track After The Snow
07 Carry Me Down
08 Tables Turning
09 Someone's Calling
10 Life In The Gladhouse
11 I Melt With You (7" Mix)
12 The Prize
13 Life In The Gladhouse
14 The Choicest View

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews
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