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Hedaya Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
This Is Where I Keep It

Album Reviews
Simon Kean says of his first Hedaya album that he "was not in a good place" while recording it. Truth be told, the follow-up 'This Is Where I Keep It' is hardly a departure from the previous focus on bleak, anguished moods. Where it does differ, however, is in the overall sound; where once the production was a mixture of industrial and grunge noises, there's now a much quieter approach more reliant on eerie atmospheric effects and intimacy. The mood is particularly disquieting on 'My Beautiful Blue' where Kean opens with "I promise you those bruises won't show in the morning" swiftly followed by "I'm thinking I should let you sleep". These words would sound unconvincing if they were uttered by the latest nu-metal act but the skill is in Kean's restrained delivery; recorded entirely in his bedroom studios which only adds to the "realness" of the words. 'The Last Optimist' and 'Bind' also retain the high standard of bitter delivery to match the threatening lyrics. By the final two tracks there's a notable shift from miserablist balladry to the crunchy guitars of 'Do Mine?' and 'Stendhal' is like listening to one of the token slow songs that used to appear on Placebo albums but with Brian Molko's effeminate shrieking replaced by Kean's unremitting growl. Strangely that song is like a light at the end of a particularly dark tunnel but it's a surprisingly addictive trip in between.
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  Track Listing
01 A Split Mind
02 My Beautiful Blue
03 Token Fuck Off Song
04 The Last Optimist
05 No. Five (Part I - His Story)
06 Bind
07 Leaving All Analogies
08 No. Five (Part II - Her Story)
09 Do Mine?
Standout Track Stendhal

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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