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Patrick Duff Album Reviews 3out of 5
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Luxury Problems

Album Reviews
It's been seven long years since we last heard from Strangelove. Once the darlings of the indie rock scene, admiration of the band was largely decided by how you perceived Patrick Duff's persona: either a genuinely passionate frontman or a vocalist prone to overblown dramatics. Whilst two of the band - tellingly perhaps - joined the quieter introspective outfit Witness, Duff seemed to disappear in to the abyss. 'Luxury Problems' represents an unlikely comeback and the nature of the record is confessional and refreshingly self-effacing. The stirring, howling double salvo of 'Married With Kids' and 'Mirror Man' make for a great start but even they are eclipsed by 'Fucked'; the title aside it's a subtle reflective ballad that demonstrates Duff's skills as a mature songwriter. Sadly, he doesn't maintain the form. Later album tracks seem to rely on visceral energy rather than melodic hooks and the likes of 'Elephant Bill' and 'Early Morning Birds' appear simplistic and uninspired. He recovers by the time of another fine ballad 'The Lion And The Hawthorn Tree' but too late to recover the lost ground. Strangely, this sounds like a showcase for a new raw talent rather than an experienced campaigner but by taking more time and honing his craft still further - and having former Strangelove guitarist Alex Lee on board should help - there should still be another great album in him yet.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Married With Kids
02 Mirror Man
Standout Track Fucked
04 In My Junkie Clothes
05 Song To America
06 Early Morning Birds
07 DJ Yoga
08 King Of The Underworld
09 Refrigerator
10 Mother Nature's Refugee
11 Elephant Bill
12 The Lion And The Hawthorn Tree

Standout Track = Standout Track

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Album Reviews
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