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Depeche Mode Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
The Videos 86>98

Album Reviews
In recent times it's difficult to think of a band who quite compare to Depeche Mode; a group who have somehow managed to sell millions of records worldwide whilst still providing largely bleak material which draws on extremely unfashionable influences. Who else could use 'music' by the likes of Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft and Cabaret Voltaire and transform these soundscapes into something which could be palatable in both the UK and, crucially, the US? This compilation documents Depeche Mode's 'serious' years when they deliberately set out to shed their pretty boy skin. From the very outset the band are pictured transforming Martin Gore's twisted love songs into disturbing visual images; most of them documented by renowned photographer and director Anton Corbijn. The visual images are repeated throughout: destruction, women with 'come hither' eyes and bodies, loneliness, paranoia and of course, Gore's odd hair and bondage gear. One fault is though, the unrelenting seriousness and claustrophobia conveyed on videos such as A Question Of Time, Never Let Me Down and Behind The Wheel is a little wearing. It comes as something of a relief when old favourite 'Everything Counts' pops up in live form. Pleasingly the later videos are perhaps more watchable and fascinating. David Gahan parodies the traditional ageing rock-band persona in 'It's No Good' and the band appear in school bully mode in 'Useless'. 'Enjoy The Silence' is both a classic miserable, pop record and a great video; the photogenic Gahan walking lonely across vast mountainous landscapes dressed in king's robes. It's also refreshing to see that the whole group are playing more traditional instruments in 'In Your Room', real drums, guitars and piano rather than Gahan dominating the stage with elaborate movements. To sum up, this compilation serves as a great reminder of how to make dazzling videos and also just how much Depeche Mode should be held in great esteem by the British public. They have never rested on their laurels; always seeking to reinvent after each album and therefore sounding and looking fresh and vital whilst the competition floundered.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Interview With Depeche Mode
02 Stripped
03 A Question Of Lust
04 A Question Of Time
05 Strangelove
06 Never Let Me Down Again
07 Behind The Wheel
08 Little 15
09 Everything Counts (Live)
10 Personal Jesus
Standout Track Enjoy The Silence
12 Policy Of Truth
13 World In My Eyes
14 I Feel You
15 Walking In My Shoes
16 Condemnation
17 In Your Room
18 Barrel Of A Gun
19 It's No Good
20 Home
21 Useless
22 Only When I Lose Myself

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews
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