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The Cooper Temple Clause Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose

Album Reviews
A fluke or a coming of age? That's the question that raises itself upon hearing the first song from The Cooper Temple Clause's second album. Clearly the best song this Reading-based sextet have produced, 'The Same Mistakes' stealthily grows in tension and danger, never threatening to disappear into teen-orientated oblivion. Proving that this track was no fluke, third song 'New Toys' showcases a previously-untapped depth to Ben Gautrey's otherwise average vocals; there is a real sense of vulnerability in his performance. In other words Gautrey sings the song rather than giving the music the hitherto favoured gruff, rock makeover. This isn't a complete recovery though, The Cooper Temple Clause still strive too much to sound like Killing Joke, the formula for buzzing electric beats and supercharged guitars mars first single 'A.I.M.' and the final track 'Written Apology' fails to build on an elegiac Robert Wyat-esque beginning, transforming instead to an almost unlistenable collage of industrial beats. 'Talking To A Brick Wall' proves they can make their digitally-enhanced rock sound work if they keep a tight rein on it although ultimately the rousing chorus of 'Blind Pilots' is far more acceptable fare. So although falling short of consistent greatness, this improving band are now proving themselves to be an attraction for people with high attention spans.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
Standout Track The Same Mistakes
02 Promises Promises
03 New Toys
04 Talking To A Brick Wall
05 Into My Arms
06 Blind Pilots
07 A.I.M.
08 Music Box
09 In Your Prime
10 Written Apology

Standout Track = Standout Track

  DVD Track Listing
01 Promises Promises Video
02 Promises Promises Video - Making Of
03 Lets Kill Music Video
04 Film - Maker Video
05 Been Training Dogs Video
06 Who Needs Enemies? Video
07 Promises Promises (Live) Audio
08 Blind Pilots (Live) Audio
09 The Same Mistakes (Live) Audio
10 A.I.M. (Live) Audio

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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