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Stephen Jones Album Reviews 2out of 5
Album Reviews
Almost Cured Of Sadness

Album Reviews
The recent reissue of the early Babybird albums as 'The Original Lo-Fi' boxed set confirmed what an extraordinarily brilliant and prolific songwriter the man called Stephen Jones has been. After three slightly more commercial efforts (if songs about mass murderers and pornography can be called that), Jones now returns to his roots and abandons the Babybird moniker once and for all with his latest album. Disappointingly 'Almost Cured Of Sadness' is not a return to form. Granted it features old tricks such as those creepy lullaby-type melodies and a very lo-fi production but the endearing quality of the songs is notable by its absence. The situation is not helped by Jones' insistence on singing virtually every track in a crazed falsetto; the rich powerful instrument of previous offerings now discarded too. This is initially acceptable but after an hour's worth of music it soon becomes irritating. Amongst an array of toytown melodies there are a few gems such as 'Cured Of Sadness' and 'Radio's Been Thinking Again' both of which work the queasy, insidious magic of old. 'Quaaludes' benefits from a more simplistic arrangement. Much of the rest smacks of immaturity for a man of his talents as a mish-mash of scratching, dated hip-hop beats and uninspired sampling fails to offer anything new, or indeed, anything on a par with previous material.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Intro
02 Keys To The Brain
03 Under The Rainbow
04 Good Day In A Bad World
05 Interlude
06 Friend
07 Cured Of Sadness
08 American Dream
09 Your Time
10 Little Thug
11 Sitting In My Graveyard
12 Jesus Freaks And Candy Asses
13 Interlude
Standout Track Radio's Been Thinking Again
15 Someplace Too Far Away
16 Quaaludes
17 Interlude
18 Almost Cured Of Sadness
19 My Girlfriend Killed Jesus

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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