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Shriekback Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
Aberrations 81-84

Album Reviews
Back in the early '80s Shriekback dabbled in dance music that was for non-dancing folk; a mixture of funk, monotonous vocals and experimental music. 'Aberrations' is an obscure collection of pieces from an already obscure body of work but it's nonetheless fascinating. Setting the tone for this most warped of bands, 'Tiny Birds' is the opener, a re-working of their most well-known track but with added backwards vocals for good measure. Better still is the tight funk rhythms and excitable vocals of 'Nerves'. 'Speed Of Clocks' is a curious melange of eerie synths, drum machines and ghostly moaning and 'Considerable' cleverly employs a repeated guitar chord over the top of angsty vocals and drum loops. Additionally, the more minimalist arrangements of 'Plunging Into Homes' could have been an influence for the fledgling work of Piano Magic. As a generous bonus, 1998 album 'Naked Apes & Pond Life' is packaged with the CD. This album was typically varied and featured excursions into dark, ambient soundscapes and tribal rhythms. Proof enough that whilst Shriekback have been a difficult, almost unapproachable proposition at times, their constantly evolving music makes them true leftfield originals.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Tiny Birds
02 Nerve
03 Despite Dense Weed
04 Floral Police Van
05 White Out (Live)
06 Big Sharp Teeth
07 Speed Of Clocks
08 Carrying Cameras
Standout Track Considerable
10 Grapes Into Lettuce
11 Petulant (Sax Version)
12 Bricks And Whistles
13 Plunging Into Homes
14 Regret No Dogs
15 Feelers (Remix)

Standout Track = Standout Track

  Naked Apes & Pond Life Track Listing
01 Stimulate The Beaded Hamster
02 Pond Life
03 Hostage
04 Invisible Rays
05 Claxon Bolus
06 Massive Custard
07 Jp8
08 Berlin
09 unSONG
10 Baby Lion
11 Everything's On Fire
12 String, Sedatives, Weaponry
13 Keep-Net Stevenson
14 Anal Piss-Machine

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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